Brioche Pasquier launches Citron Chantilly Entremets

The new Citron Chantilly Entremets from Brioche Pasquier “bring fresh, lemony flavours to the range”, according to the company, “combining a precise layering of crisp and soft, tangy and creamy, smooth and crumbly, all put together with the skill and finesse of the expert Brioche Pasquier pâtissiers.”

Foodservice sales manager Jon Turonnet added: “With layered desserts being in demand from chefs and caterers, we are continuing to expand our range of flavours.”

Most in the range are based around different combinations of chocolate, but the company also has a vanilla and raspberry version, Marly Vanille Framboise, which it says has proved popular.

He said of the new addition: “We recognised the need for another fresh and summery version of the dessert and this lemon, biscuit and vanilla combination adds a new citrus dimension to the range.”

The Citron Chantilly Entremets has four layers. The biscuit base is topped with a butter biscuit crumble, then a zesty lemon filling and finally a creamy top layer of piped vanilla mousse with crushed vanilla seeds.

It’s created by pâtissiers in France and frozen immediately to preserve the fresh taste. High quality ingredients are used, including fresh lemons, 100% fresh cream, fresh butter and cage-free eggs, free from preservatives, artificial flavours and colours, palm oil and hydrogenated fats.

The new Entremets is piped in the new style recently introduced by Brioche Pasquier to make service easier for chefs and caterers.

“Our Entremets are served either as slim slices of rich and luxurious dessert, or chefs often cut them into individual bite-sized squares for catered events and buffets,” says Jon. “With ease of service as one of our key principles, we hand-pipe each fluted square of mousse, so that each individual portion is precisely located and can be easily identified for quick, neat slicing with a hot, wet knife.”

The new style of topping makes these Entremets particularly suitable for cutting into small squares to be served as sweet canapés.

Citron Chantilly needs four hours to thaw in the fridge and is then ready for service.