Grandmother marks 50 years of service at Sheffield bakery

Christine Warren has worked at Fletchers Bakery in Sheffield since she was 15 years old, and is now the firm’s longest-serving member of staff at the age of 65.

When Christine joined the bakery in 1969 she was consigned to tin greasing. She is now an area co-ordinator, working a nine-hour shift from 6pm, overseeing quality control on the production line.

She says: “Working here is great, we make sure everybody is alright. I’d like to think that if anyone comes to me with a problem, I could sort that problem out and we work together on that.”

In recognistion of the milestone, Fletchers gave her garden a makeover, which she was “shocked but delighted” by.

Business director Jon Cooper says: “Christine has stayed with us for ages. I hope she enjoys it [her garden] very much, and I think it represents just how many good things that she has done for us.”

HR advisor Hayley Potts said Christine was sn example of how people can progress with the firm.

“She started by greasing tins and now she is part of the management team – and the people in the management team know exactly what is going on the floor because they used to work there.”