Yellowhammer Report “lays bare the grisly crisis”

A no-deal Brexit could result in rising food and fuel prices, disruption to medicine supplies and public disorder on Britain’s streets, according to secret documents the government was forced by MPs to publish on Wednesday.

A five-page document spelling out the government’s “planning assumptions” under Operation Yellowhammer – the government’s no-deal plan – was disclosed in response to a “humble address” motion.

The content of the document was strikingly similar to the plan leaked to the Sunday Times in August, which the government dismissed at the time as out of date. That document was described as a “base case”; but the new document claims to be a “worst-case scenario”.

In response to the publication of the government's Yellowhammer Report, Food and Drink Federation Chief Executive Ian Wright CBE said: “It lays bare the grisly crisis facing the UK’s food and drink supply.”

Wright said: “It is as the Food and Drink Federation have been saying for the best part of two years now - it lays bare the grisly crisis facing the UK’s food and drink supply chain in a no-deal Brexit scenario.

“And shoppers have rightly come to expect a wide range of products on supermarket shelves. In a no-deal Brexit scenario there would be significant and adverse changes to product availability, and random shortages.”

“Government must be upfront about the chaos a no-deal Brexit would bring.”