STORY: PROMOTED: Going green with Zeelandia

Around 14% of adults in the UK are thought to be vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian with a further 12% intending to make the switch by the end of the year. That’s 13.7 million meat-free Brits by the end of the year! * 

One global bakery ingredients supplier which has been exploring and innovating in the world of plant-based products for years is the Royal Zeelandia Group.

With operations in over 30 countries, they are ideally placed to tailor products to local tastes and renowned for setting world-wide trends. 

David Amos, Managing Director of Zeelandia UK, said: “We don’t just see veganism as a trend, but as a life choice. We have a responsibility to produce products that not only cater for the changing needs of the UK consumer, but that are good for our health too. 

“Through our plant-based silkgrain range we have created a mix that is not only vegan-friendly, but also looks and tastes fantastic. It stays fresher for longer too. We are excited to work with our customers to explore these products and increase accessibility to vegan baked goods across the UK.”

Both full in flavour and high in fibre, Zeelandia Silkgrains contain no preservatives, colourants, GMO or flavourings. – they are all natural and authentic. 

“Our silkgrains really do offer the ultimate in convenience!” says David. “We’ve developed a unique process where all of our textures are softened gently at controlled temperatures. It’s a delicate process which takes the right amount of time, temperature, and moisture. All you need to do is simply open the sachet!”

Zeelandia UK recently invested in a purpose-built Technical Centre in Colchester, Essex, to explore new bakery ideas and vegan products alongside its customers. 

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