STORY: Le Pain Quotidien is reopening... but with a new focus

This Spring, Le Pain Quotidien continues working towards its vision of feeding local communities with food that is good for you and for the planet. Led by new Managing Director Steven Whibley and with the belief that change doesn’t come from big resolutions but by taking small steps, the next phase of its latest campaign will be implemented within a new all-day dining menu and a series of initiatives.

To ensure the rights steps are being made, the bakery is proud to officially become a member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association's Food Made Good programme, a not-for-profit membership organisation helping restaurants become more sustainable.

Under the Food Made Good programme’s guidance, the new menu features a circular design concept to limit kitchen food waste and an increased emphasis on vegan options. 
Leftover bread is made into the next day’s croutons, and turned into dishes such as ‘BRIOCHE FRENCH TOAST- Butter brioche soaked in egg and cinnamon, with Fruit, honey and yoghurt’ (£9.50). 

Vegan bakery items cover everything from cookies, chocolate almonds and brownies, and breakfast items include the ‘V.L.T. BUN - Marinated organic tempeh, avocado, garlic aioli, Parmesan, plum tomato and baby gem, in sweet potato brioche’ (£8). 

Vegan all-day menu items go far beyond a salad offering, ranging from ‘LENTIL & ROAST TOMATO DHAL - Organic lentil dhal with tomato, baby spinach, toasted pumpkin seeds and coconut yoghurt’ (£10.50),

CHILLI SIN CARNE, with butternut squash, soya yoghurt and guacamole’ (£11.50) and ‘VEGGIE & GRAIN BOWL - Bulgur wheat, red pepper hummus, roasted asparagus, beets, roast new potatoes, beans, and toasted seeds’ (£11.50);

Vegan pastry items include SPINACH & PINE NUT SWIRL (9.50) and vegan sandwiches such as the ROASTED VEG & MOZZARELLA - With peppers, squash and basil, on focaccia (£13.50).
Additional steps towards becoming a more sustainable business include:

- Working with Too Good To Go and recycling almost all waste
- Switching single-use plastic items, including straws and coffee cup lids, to biodegradable/paper alternatives 
- Sending pulp from all juices to a company which turns it into renewable energy. The juice bottles are RPET and made from 50% post-consumer recycled plastic and can be recycled once again
Reusing coffee grounds which are offered on a complimentary basis for customers to use in their garden, for their skincare or to clean kitchen utensils
- Using menus made from recycled paper
- Limiting fish on the menu, aligning with the MCS good fish guide and removing rated 4/5 species and working with a MSC certified salmon supplier (Severn & Wye Smokery)
- Choosing organic and local ingredients from suppliers such as Cobble Lane, Karma Cola, Shipton Mill and Snowdonia Cheese
- Aligning the menu language with behaviour science research from WRI to encourage customers towards plant-based items

Jana Somon, Head of Marketing UK, says “As a business and bakery, Le Pain Quotidien is always looking for ways to protect the environment, reduce their footprint and give back to the community and its customers. Together with the SRA, Le Pain Quotidien will be looking at ways they can become more sustainable, and help its customers be sustainable too.” 

To further encourage vegan options, a new loyalty app is launching with a points-based saving system, soon to offer double points for vegan purchases. A complimentary hot drink will also be offered when downloading the app.

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