Bakers can create authentic doughs with a twin arm mixer

Favoured by many who prefer the most authentic mixing style available as a requirement to maintain, despite large quantities and industrial levels of production, the Polin Industrial Twin Arm removable bowl mixers from Brook Food feature traditional ‘beater-arms’ that offer the most effective mixing style for creating the highest quality bread doughs.

With bowl capacities up to 470 litres, the Polin IBT.E Mixer range is the most robust and strongest built Twin Arm Mixer range from a manufacturer focused on reliability as well as performance.

These mixers are at the forefront of mixing options for the industrial application, suitable for constant heavy use.

Achieving a gentle authentic mixing action in large capacities suitable for 24-hour constant use in high traffic, industrial environments, the IBT. E features the heaviest duty arms constructed in stainless steel mounted within a stainless steel bowl and controlled by a 7” colour touch screen control panel.

An imposing structure manufactured in a painted steel finish is raised from the ground for ease of use, and cleaning, within the premises, with the working areas of the machine and electrical board IP65 protection rated.

The control board is mounted separately away from hydraulic lifting head and removable bowl locking system, allowing for greater ease in production and use.

The mixer is ideal for various products including different bread doughs, panettone, pizza, focaccia and other high hydration doughs, croissant dough and other doughs

The completely closed bowl lid, manufactured in stainless steel with blue polyethylene seal, ensures control during operation.

There is an oil-free, belt-driven system and belt and pulley bowl rotation, as well as separate motors for bowl and tool ensures reliable use in high productivity areas for a range of products. Its clever programming allows for handy recipe features to be programmed including automatic opening at end of cycle, time and power parameter recipes.

Further upgrades are available, if required, through various optional extras including stainless steel machine structure upgrade, bowl scraper, ingredients and water inlet/dosing options, discharge options, ethernet drive connection, dough temperature probe, and dough cooling function.

Also available are fixed bowl models for smaller batches from 45kg and removable bowl machine suited to less industrial settings.

Contact Brook Food to discuss your mixing requirements and how this traditional method may benefit your end product.