Say goodbye to the difficulty of cleaning plastic bowls thanks to Winterhalter

New system makes cleaning plastic bowls with Winterhalter’s dishwashers easier than ever. Winterhalter is now supplying a specially developed rack system designed to allow reusable plastic bowls to be washed in its undercounter and passthrough dishwashers. Plastic bowls and plates pose challenges for cleaning in dishwashers. They are lighter, so if put in standard dishwasher racks the water jets can cause them to flip over and fill up with water, meaning they need to be emptied and washed again. Also, high temperatures used for standard crockery washes can damage plastic, which means you need a different program and special chemicals to guarantee hygienic cleaning for these items. The new system for plastic bowls follows a similar model to Winterhalter’s plastic cup washing solution. It involves a specially designed rack that keeps bowls in the right position during washing, a specialised rinse aid chemical to ensure the plastic dries quickly, and a new wash program specially calibrated for cleaning lightweight plastic safely. Winterhalter developed this system in response to the increasing trend for operators looking for alternatives to single use plastic. The creation of a system for cleaning bowls in addition to cups demonstrates the company’s commitment to improving efficiency and providing new options for businesses. The cup wash system was chosen by Aggora for use at the COP26 conference in 2021, and washed close to 60,000 reusable cups per day during the conference.