Black of Dunoon Bakery Strengthens Efficiency with Koenig Mini Rex

The new 2 pocket Koenig Mini Rex provides additional space and increases productivity  

Scottish Bakery, Black of Dunoon, has purchased a 2 pocket Koenig Mini Rex divider and rounder from EPP to produce consistent high-quality rolls with reduced labour costs whilst maximising space. The fifth-generation bakery produces an array of delectable baked treats such as cakes, pastries, bread and other much-loved specialties – which are supplied in both its shops in the charming coastal town of Dunoon and distributed to neighbouring retailers throughout Scotland’s scenic western region.

Operating since 1922, the team have two shops and a bakery in Dunoon with seven bakers, managed by director Sheona Black & her brother, Charles Black. Sheona and the team work hard to deliver baked goods across the West Coast of Scotland and to supply their two shops which are full of bread, rolls and delightful treats – two of its best sellers being fudge donuts and empire biscuits.

The family-run bakery thrives off its ability to produce 10,800 rolls a day in the summer peak, having used a 6 pocket roll plant for more than two decades. “The roll plant has served our bakery since 1999 and has been a key piece of equipment within our manufacturing process, mainly producing morning rolls. Due to its age, we needed an upgraded machine as it was creating reoccurring problems and parts were becoming harder to source. We continuously had three bakers operating the line and it was taking up a big space within the bakery,” comments Sheona.

Sheona was recommended by an engineer to reach out to the EPP team, who carefully listened to the challenges and began finding the best solution. EPP travelled to the bakery to measure the space and decided a two-pocket Mini Rex would be the best replacement. “After the team’s visit – we couldn’t thank them enough,” Sheona adds. “They ensured the delivery came on a Saturday, a day when we don’t operate, and were present to train our bakers on the new machine the very same day. The after-sales support has been great too, and I definitely know where to go for any future equipment queries.”

Black of Dunoon is thrilled with the newest addition. The smaller machine complements the space and has increased efficiency and consistency amongst all products. The adaptability of the new Mini Rex has opened up additional opportunities for Sheona and the team, enabling them to produce hot cross buns that were previously not feasible on the machine. The new machine has streamlined the cleaning process and now requires only one person to operate it; this efficiency allows for the previous two bakers to work elsewhere in the bakery, leading to increased production. Unlike its previous roll plant, the Koenig Mini Rex does not require divider oil, creating a further cost saving and simplifying the process.

“We were delighted to supply Black of Dunoon with a new Koenig Mini Rex,” says Ged, Area Sales Manager at EPP. “We have supplied many Koenig Mini Rex divider rounders within the UK and Ireland, and customer feedback has always been positive, so we were certain it would be the perfect solution. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Black of Dunoon bakery and solving any of their future servicing or equipment needs.”

EPP is an exclusive distributor of Koenig within the UK and would be delighted to find the most suitable solution to fulfil your bakery’s needs.