Modern Italian food brand, Crosta & Mollica, is thrilled to introduce a range of its Sourdough Pizzas into the chilled aisles at Tesco across nationwide stores and online from 16th May 2024.

Featuring the new Sourdough Pizza Formaggi first available at Tesco, the new chilled line also includes Crosta & Mollica’s popular Ready-to-top Sourdough Pizza Base and its single serve Pinsa Roman Pizzas in Tomato & Mozzarella and Salami & Mozzarella varieties. Heralded as the best option at the supermarket, Crosta & Mollica’s Neapolitan style Sourdough Pizzas offer restaurant-quality, premium meal solutions at an accessible price point. All pizzas are made in Italy, starting with the signature sourdough base which is proved for 24 hours before being fired in a wood oven on a lava stone from Mount Etna and hand-topped.

Crosta & Mollica’s new Formaggi Sourdough Pizza offers Tesco shoppers an elevated vegetarian take on a classic cheese and tomato pizza, topped with a combination of buffalo mozzarella and smoked provola cheese, finished with a sprinkling of aged hard cheese. The Pinsa is a smaller sized pizza with a paddle shaped base, offering a more ‘cloud-like’ textured serve.

The Ready-to-top Sourdough Pizza Base is one of the brand’s best-selling products, offering a customisable option, for aspiring pizzaiolos to get creative. Dean Lavender, Marketing Director at Crosta & Mollica comments: “More and more people are discovering our authentic Italian Sourdough Pizzas, with retail sales more than doubling in the last three years, 1 and now we are proud to introduce a chilled range of pizza products into Tesco.

The new listing marks a continuation of our brand mission to bring people together with delicious Italian 1Nielsen, total pizza, 3yr MAT to 29th July 2023 food, and allows us to reach more hungry and discerning shoppers across the nation.”