STORY: Baking in energy efficient benefits

With spiralling energy costs and climate challenges facing the world, there has never been a more important time to look at sustainability. EPP is committed to offering energy efficient solutions to its partners, helping to save costs and cut back on energy waste.

“The energy intensive nature of the baking process means the oven is often the largest consumer of energy in an industrial bakery environment, making oven efficiency especially critical,” says Steve Merritt, managing director, EPP. “Bakers must make good choices to ensure that their equipment delivers efficiency, value and quality consistent results. The latest ovens can offer many impressive design enhancements, adding up to considerable cost savings over time.”

EPP partner MIWE’s latest rack oven, MIWE roll-in e+, has been carefully optimised for maximum energy yield. Starting with the smallest components, such as the steam-proof door seal, and continuing with patented technical refinements and the option of integration into the diverse energy recovery systems from MIWE, it is perfect for bakers who value efficiency.

Patented, MIWE aircontrol 2.0, controls precisely how much air is circulated in the baking chamber, allowing bakers to set optimal baking conditions with no waste, whilst heat insulated glass ensures the heat stays in the chamber, where it should. The clever design also means that the heat exchanger does not have to be heated – as with other ovens – saving up to 10% of the heating energy. MIWE Heat Flow technology delivers stable, even baking results while also enjoying economical energy consumption. Its cascade design ensures water evaporates reliably and quickly, with no water left to simmer on the base and consume unnecessary energy. 

Taking things a step further, MIWE’s heat recovery systems can be connected seamlessly to its ovens, and they include the MIWE eco:nova and MIWE eco:box. The eco:nova uses the thermal energy of wasted steam and flue gas to recover a quarter of the energy used during baking. The eco:box can recover heat specifically from oven burner or heating boiler flue gases and is available in an array of sizes to suit small craft bakers to large-scale industrial baking operations. The system recovers the escaping heat as thermal energy, providing a supply of hot water that is then available for a wide range of uses.

EPP is the exclusive distributor of MIWE in the UK and Ireland. Looking to save money and reduce your environmental impact? Talk to EPP about how to maximise the energy efficiency of your bakery: [email protected].