Dawn Foods releases new hot glazes

Dawn Foods has revamped its range of hot glazes to include new and improved recipes for its Belnap and Gelomat GT products.

Belnap concentrated glaze, available in natural apricot, strawberry and neutral, now features a creamier texture making it not only easier to handle, but easier to dilute in cold water too.

Easy dilution with up to 70% water means cost savings for the baker as there is no compromise on performance and the flexibility for it to be applied on a variety of products.

Once diluted, boiled and cooled, Belnap is ready to use and easy to apply with a brush or spraying machine to give an eye-catching finish to pastries and helping to protect the integrity of the fruits, including those with a high acidity content such as strawberries and kiwis.

Gelomat GT

Also new and improved is Dawn Foods’ Exceptional Gelomat GT, a hot glaze that requires no mixing or boiling.

Available in neutral, strawberry or apricot flavour, Gelomat can go straight into the spraying machine, warmed to 75°c then used to glaze fruits of all kinds, cakes, pies and laminated products, including whole trays of pastries.

And since Gelomat FT can be sprayed homogenously, less glaze is needed per pastry making it extremely cost effective for large scale bakery production.