The world’s favourite cakes revealed!

And the winner is …chocolate cake. That’s according to new research conducted by range cooker brand Leisure, anyway.

Chocolate cake has been revealed as the world’s most popular cake, with a global monthly search volume of 394,050 – it is the most searched for cake in 81 countries.

In second place is Red Velvet cake, which is the most searched for cake in 43 countries, including Greece, Peru and The Bahamas.

Taking third position is angel cake, with over 33 countries searching for the layered multi-coloured sponge, and it is especially popular in many African countries.

Here in the UK, meanwhile, we rank Lemon Drizzle cake as our top choice. Red Velvet cake is rewarded Europe’s go-to treat with 14 European countries opting for it as their favourite.

The UK's favourite cake can be looked upon as a bit of a surprise, as traditional favourites such as carrot cake, Victoria sponge and fruit cake are overshadowed in favour of a citrusy Lemon Drizzle.  Research shows that the lemon soaked sponge is searched for over 11,000 times a month in the British Isles and 128,570 times across the globe, ranking in at 9th place overall for total number of monthly searches worldwide.


The leader board

1 Chocolate Cake – favourite in 81 countries, searched for 394,050 times a month

2 Red Velvet – favourite in 43 countries, searched for 322,310 times a month

3 Carrot Cake – favourite in 22 countries, searched for 313,320 times a month

4 Banana Cake – favourite in 8 countries, searched for 192,170 times a month

5 Pineapple Upside Down Cake – favourite in 2 countries, searched for 168,430 times a month


And if you want to have your cake and eat it to, there’s an interactive map at