Vegan bakery launches a UK first

Dolcetta in London has launched what it believes to be the first all-vegan cannoli in the UK.

Traditionally a Sicilian offering, Dolcetta’s version has been adapted from an old family recipe and has undergone months of trials before hitting the shelves.

The chocolate-dipped cannoli are filled with sweet vegan ricotta and dipped in a sprinkling of candied peel, nuts or chocolate chips.

Dolcetta said of the launch: “There is nothing so disappointing as a soft cannoli. We have developed our recipe even further so that they are able to be filled and remain crispy for up to 48 hours.”

There are a range of flavours to choose from, including pistachio, chocolate, chocolate & citrus, hazelnut & chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio & chocolate, hazelnut & citrus, and pistachio & citrus.