Entrepreneur uses his loaf for (slightly useless) bakery inventions

Here, we bring you the (just a bit of fun) bakery inventions you never knew you needed (and probably still don’t). They’re the brainchildren of Matt Benedetto, who is based in Burlington Vermont. In his own words, he “creates products that solve problems that don’t really exist, by creating products that no one is really asking for.”

First up, CookieMitts™️


“Take a bite outta this! The all-day wearable snack has arrived in the form of gooey sugary mittens. If you are enjoying this delicious outfit accessory solo or offering someone your thumb, enjoy three layers of chocolate chip delight. Find your favourite frosting and dip away right into your mouth.”

Not the invention for you? OK, try the Slice Slicer™️


“Everyone gets their own perfect pizza slice! Divide your favourite pizza pie into perfectly even slices with just a few chops with this eight blade slicer. More pepperoni please!”

Here’s the one we think you’ll like the most, the Baguette Pack™️


“I know, I know ...FINALLY a backpack specially designed for your delicious baguette. Hit your local bakery and pick up some steaming hot freshly baked bread knowing you will keep it safe, protected, and dry all the way home. Slide this French delicacy into our ergonomically designed pouch and cinch it up to be on your way in no time!”