Macpac in OGGS collaboration

Egg substitute cake-producers OGGS has teamed up with Macpac, in a move that means its packaging is now food grade recycled PET packaging containing 100% recycled content and 100% recyclable in the waste stream.

To ensure every part of their supply chain is as ethical as possible, OGGS asked Macpac to come up with a tray design and raw material solution.

OGGS wanted to offer “carefully-designed packaging that protected the products throughout the supply chain to the end consumer, using food grade recycled PET packaging containing 100% recycled content, and that was 100% recyclable in the waste stream.”

OGGS had seen BreakdownPET on Macpac’s website and were keen to explore this material for their products. Breakdown PET offers 100% recycled content and is fully recyclable as standard PET.

Macpac says BreakdownPET “is a technological breakthrough in packaging, a fully recyclable material offering the same characteristics as conventional PET but with one major difference.  Should the packaging end up in landfill and miss the recycling waste stream, the material breaks down to biomass within a decade, rather than centuries. 

“Breakdown PET is a ‘ready meal’ for hungry micro-organisms that exist in landfill, breaking down the polymer chains of the material at a faster rate than conventional decomposition in landfill.

Subsequently, Macpac provided the packaging formats in Breakdown PET for a selected OGGS range comprising two cupcake, four flow-wrap, four mince pies and nine hinged cavity packs.

Hannah Carter, OGGS CEO said: “As a business our focus has always been on creating a product that is friendly to the planet, animals and people and weren’t prepared to compromise on our packaging.

“Despite being told by several packaging companies that food grade packaging made from 100% recycled material was not achievable, Macpac took up the challenge and worked with us to achieve food trays that are not only made from 100% recyclable material but is also 100% bio-degradable in landfill.”