‘Sauced and spiced’ flavour to be big in 2020

The Flavour Forecast publication from McCormick, which it says “has been highlighting fresh flavour insights and inspiration from around the globe for nearly 20 years”, has predicted that ‘Sauced and Spiced’ will be big as a flavour focus this year.

“Trust us,” it says, “you’re going to want to dip, sprinkle and spoon these unique spice blends and must-have sauces on just about everything.  With their rich textures and bold tastes, they make it easy to experience exotic flavour without going all in on an entire global cuisine.”

It names three sauces in particular that it says will be big news this year: XO Sauce from Hong Kong, “has an amazing umami taste you must try”;  Suya Spice, a West African seasoning blend made from ginger, chillies and roasted peanuts; and Indian Gunpowder Spice (Milagai Podi), which features finely ground roasted dal, sesame seeds, chillies, and other spices “to add the perfect finishing flavour”.