Barry Callebaut to open its first dairy-free chocolate factory

The manufacturer has announced it will open a new chocolate factory in Germany in 2021, its first facility capable of supplying dairy-free chocolate to the European market, with annual production capacity expected to reach tens of thousands of tonnes.

Elsewhere, research released by Barry Callebaut has revealed that British consumers aren’t necessarily satisfied with the vegan or dairy-free options currently available (with 41% saying there are not enough tasty vegan or dairy-free options on the market).

Furthermore, over a fifth of Brits who do not consume plant-based products attribute this to disliking the taste or texture.

In response, Barry Callebaut has introduced 100% dairy free ‘M_lk Chocolate’, as part of its new ‘Plant Craft’ range. The new chocolate is “creamy, milky and has the typical flavour and texture of milk chocolate” according to the compay. It is made with an ingredient of natural origin, exclusively available to Barry Callebaut, which comes from a unique root, and has been in development for two years.

Barry Callebaut develops chocolate products in partnership with major brands such as Nestlé, Hershey, Unilever and Mondelez International, which owns brands including Cadbury and Toblerone.