Wall’s launches ‘UK’s first’ chicken roll

Sausage roll brand Wall’s has launched a chicken roll in Asda stores nationwide, in what it believes to be a UK-first.

It said: “Not only does the chicken range taste like a traditional dinner with sage and onion stuffing, it has also been developed as a healthier snack – with 6.8g saturated fat, 17g fat and 324 calories in the 120g Jumbo Roll.”

This is the second new product launch in Wall’s healthier range - following its plant-based vegan rolls that launched four months ago - and includes Wall's Chicken Jumbo Roll and a four-pack of Wall's Chicken Rolls with Sage & Onion.

Michael Holton, brand manager at Wall’s Pastry, said: “There’s currently a big gap in the market for chilled chicken pastry products and we’re incredibly excited to be launching a healthier pastry roll that is now lower in fat and packed full of flavour.”

The chicken rolls have been developed by Addo Food Group and are made with 100% British chicken thigh, onion, garlic, nutmeg and a blend of fresh herbs including sage, parsley, rosemary and marjoram wrapped in a low-fat puff pastry.