STORY: Bakery orders double for Dina Food Services

London-based supplier Dina Foods is taking every day as it comes in the current COVID-19 crisis, staying in constant touch with its suppliers and customers. It has made the following statement: 

There has been a very significant increase in orders for Dina Foods’ staple bakery products from the supermarkets, with some orders doubling. Dina Foods’ convenient two-layered Paninette® flatbread is particularly in demand.

Demand on the bakery side of the business has been offset by a lack of demand on the foodservice side of the business, and for savoury products. Production staff have therefore moved from savoury production to the busier bakery part of the business.

Dina Foods has a stable and loyal workforce of around 150 staff and everyone is pulling together, said Assistant General Manager and Project Director Wilda Haddad.

“We are pushing full steam ahead and we would like to thank our staff for everything they are doing at this difficult time, many are managing different roles in new areas or covering for colleagues,” Wilda Haddad said.