STORY: Winterhalter 'reviews all business operations' and enters period of consultation

Review of Operations at Winterhalter UK

"Like nearly all foodservice equipment suppliers, Winterhalter’s business has been severely affected by the fallout from the lockdown period in the UK over the last four months – surely the hardest months any of us in our industry has ever experienced.

The majority of our customers are in the process of trying to decide what their new business models will look like.  One thing is for certain, they will be very different to what they were before.

Current sales are considerably lower than where we would wish them to be, and the outlook for the remainder of this year and into 2021 is far from encouraging.

As a consequence of this, we are reviewing all of our business operations, and considering the best ways to put ourselves in an ideal position to provide proactive support to our customers as they, in turn, review how they will operate in future.  We have reluctantly come to the point where we have to consider reductions in staff numbers.  This could potentially affect around 30% of the current workforce. 

The company will shortly enter a period of consultation with employees to explore ways to minimise the impact on those involved and avoid redundancies if at all possible.

Winterhalter’s machine sales, service and chemicals divisions will continue to serve all our customers, and we are taking steps to ensure they will not be adversely affected by any internal changes in our business."