STORY: Scottish Bakers Benevolent Fund benefits bakers in need

The Scottish Bakers Benevolent Fund was established help bakers in need. Since its establishment, the fund has issued grants to help hundreds of individuals through challenging circumstances, and this rich tradition of compassion continues in the 21st century.

How Scottish Bakers Can Help

The Fund provides one-off or regular allowances to persons who are, or have been, members of Scottish Bakers, or their families, who are experiencing difficult financial circumstances.

At the discretion of the Benevolent Fund Committee and when surplus funds exist, grants may also be made to other deserving parties within or who are or have been associated with the bakery trade in Scotland.

In these strange Covid times, there is one more reason people may find themselves facing difficult financial circumstances and each case that comes to the Association is treated on its own merits, however Scottish Bakers do follow some general guidelines.

There are two main types of grants issued:

A one-off payment to cover exceptional expenses such as to subsidise the cost of specialist medical equipment or mobility aids, or to go towards funeral costs. Or regular twice yearly payments to support living expenses such as utility bills and essential travel costs or to compensate for loss of earnings due to a long-term debilitating illness.

The Scottish Bakers Benevolent Fund can help with a wide range of financial pressures. More details of which can be found on the Scottish Bakers website along with the criteria that needs to be met before making an application.

In addition, Scottish Bakers may support anyone who is financially dependent on a person who works or has worked, in the industry.

Applying to the Fund

Applications should, where possible, be made by an employee on behalf of a current or former employee using the form on the Scottish Bakers website. If this is not possible then individuals are encouraged to contact Scottish Bakers directly for advice and guidance.