STORY: Olam Cocoa launches new cocoa powder range for bakers and pâtissiers

Olam Cocoa has introduced a premium cocoa powder range from deZaan, to help professionals take their creations to the next level.

The range includes six individual cocoa powders, each with their own distinctive flavour and colour profile, all designed to inspire creativity in the kitchen. From mild and fruity, to velvety and rich flavours, as well as an exciting colour palette ranging from Crimson Red to True Dark and Carbon Black, this is the ultimate cocoa range for professionals.

These cocoas allow chefs, bakers and pâtissiers to go beyond the limits of working with their current cocoa ingredients for the very first time and to really get creative with how cocoa can be used.

Simon Brayn-Smith, Vice President of Olam Cocoa for Professionals explains: “deZaan cocoa is for the taste obsessed. We know that taste is the most important factor for chefs (70%) when choosing a cocoa brand. There is now a specific range that meets the needs of professionals who want greater control over the flavour and colour of their final creations. Cocoa is a core ingredient and it’s time to rethink it. deZaan cocoa will open up a whole world of creativity and the only limit is your imagination!”

Each deZaan cocoa offers its own unique profile, and can be paired with a variety of sweet, savoury, citrus, fruit, as well as sour flavours. Classic or favourite recipes can be easily updated to reflect seasonal ingredients or given a contemporary twist by echoing the latest food flavour trends.

Suitable to use in a wide range of applications including bakery, desserts, confections, patisserie, ice cream and sauces, as well as hot and cold drinks, the natural and ditched range is available now in 1kg and 5kg formats.

As well as being of the highest quality and flavour, the new range is sourced responsibly through Cocoa Compass, Olam Cocoa’s sustainability ambition for the future of the cocoa sector. Cocoa Compass aims to support smallholder farmers, their families and communities, and the environment and makes a commitment to help farmers achieve a living income, eliminate child labour and protect forests through a net increase in tree carbon stock, all by 2030.