STORY: Bridor launches Mini Snacks range

Specialist French bakery, Bridor, has introduced its next generation of vegetarian snacking products: Mini Snacks. The savoury SKUs come in four delicious variants: Mini Pizza Swirl, Mini Cheese Swirl, Mini Pesto Swirl and Mini Cheese Extravagant.

The plant-based snacking market is forecast to experience steady growth, rising at a CAGR of 8.7% to 2028. Led by a boost in consumers’ healthy eating habits and a rise in flexitarianism, the outlook for the vegetarian snacking market is very promising.

The new product range from Bridor includes the Mini Cheese Swirl (35g), which offers a combination of a unique texture with a creamy Emmental centre and a crispy dough. The Mini Pizza Swirl (35g) offers a traditional Italian recipe in all its glory with tomatoes, mushrooms, black olives, onions, garlic and basil.

Using a recipe of unrivalled flavour, the Mini Pesto Swirl (30g) has a rich filling of basil, cheese and garlic offering consumers an unforgettable taste experience. Completing the new product range, the Mini Cheese Extravagant (35g) is a puffy pastry roll with a generous and taste Emmental centre, its crunch and golden baked Emmental topping makes the product even more indulgent.

Hot or cold, it said these versatile snacks can be enjoyed by consumers on-the-go, for breakfast, during meetings, for brunch or out-of-home. Whatever the occasion, each variant is made with 100% butter puff pastry, giving a crispy texture, a golden colour and a beautiful buttery taste.

Erwan Inizan, UK Sales Director at Bridor, commented: “There is currently a great demand for snacks that are both healthy and able fit into people’s busy lifestyles. Bridor’s Mini Snacks satisfy those exact requirements, with indulgent flavours that deliver on taste and health credentials to boot, these delicious variants are the perfect option for consumers looking for that next delicious treat.”

Supplied frozen, the Mini Snacks range are ready to bake and comes in the following packed units per box:

  • Mini Pesto Swirl : 225/box
  • Mini Pizza Swirl : 225/box
  • Mini Cheese Swirl : 225/box
  • Mini Cheese Extravagant : 180/box
  • Mix Mini Snacks : 225/box

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