STORY: Nuts: why it matters where they come from

Managing seasons and public holidays is a never-ending task for suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers. If there isn’t a public holiday then there will be a new season starting, or another one wrapping up with a sale.

Of all these special events, Christmas is undoubtedly the most important, and puts enormous pressure on supply chain managers to ensure products are available and everything moves smoothly through the supply chain. After all, it is the weeks just before Christmas that, in many sectors can determine a business’s financial health. 

With recent events consumers have more time to organise their home activities and prepare more and more at home.  This Christmas season will undoubtedly see a further increase in home baking which rose by 49.3% over the past few months and with less families going away, home baking is on the increase and the months leading up to Christmas are unlikely to slow this trend down.  Therefore, stocking up those retail shelves are a must this year to offer your customers a quality ingredient for all those Christmas products to be prepared at home.

Why California Walnuts rather than any other origin?

The central valley in California provides ideal conditions to sustainably grow premium quality walnuts. Walnuts from California are generally lighter in colour and have a sweet-mild taste with a soft creamy texture, which makes them a versatile ingredient for flavour profiles, and texture in recipes as well as processed products. They offer plant-based Omega-3, protein and fiber which increases the nutritional value while providing a host of proven health benefits for the heart, brain and gut to name a few.

Despite the recent challenging global situation, the California walnut industry continues its commitment to producing high-quality, nutritious and safe walnuts for consumers worldwide. The California Walnut Industry has earned a reputation for producing high quality walnuts while maintaining an exceptional food safety record for a century. California Walnuts are grown, harvested, and processed following strict Federal and State food safety regulations. Our finished product often exceeds quality standards set by the USDA.

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