STORY: Real Bread Campaign seeks ambassadors

Run by the food and farming charity Sustain, the Real Bread Campaign encourages all supporters and other friends in its international network not only to fly the flag for Real Bread but also promote the organisation’s work. Official Campaign ambassadors are volunteers who wave the flag a bit higher and harder. 

The Campaign invites everyone, within and beyond its existing network, who supports the rise of Real Bread from seed to sandwich to apply. This includes cereal breeders, farmers, millers, domestic and professional bakers, educators, communicators and connectors, activists and other people who share the Campaign’s aims and beliefs. 

The last day for applications is 31 May 2021. 

Diversity and inclusion 

By Real Bread the Campaign simply means made without chemical leavening, so-called processing aids or other additives. This universally-inclusive definition incorporates every style of leavened and unleavened bread on earth. People of every age, nationality, colour, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnic heritage,  differing ability, neurological status, religion and economic background, who speak every language, enjoy Real Bread and are involved in its rise to feed themselves and family or professionally.  

Campaign co-ordinator Chris Young says: “We know that this wide diversity of people is not as well reflected as it should be in our work and network. One of the ways we are seeking to improve this is by reviewing and revising the role.” He adds: “If you’re unsure about putting yourself forward because you’re not a professional baker, or don’t see yourself as an ‘expert’ please don’t be! Being a Campaign ambassador is mainly about communication and we are here to support you in doing that.”  

The Campaign invites everyone who feels they can fulfil the role, to volunteer to be an ambassador. The Campaign particularly welcomes volunteers whose inclusion will help to broaden the diversity (in all senses) of its representatives. They strongly encourage Black People and other People of Colour, and people who self-identify as belonging to any other group historically underrepresented in and by the Campaign, to volunteer.  

The person 

You should: 

  • Love Real Bread and be keen to share this passion. 
  • Broadly share and support the Campaign’s beliefs, aims and activities. 
  • Have a love of communicating with people, be that chatting, writing, vlogging, getting up on a stage, through social media or other means.

Valuable but not essential is having some knowledge and/or experience in one or more areas relevant to the Campaign’s work. These range from grain research and growing to milling, domestic bread making, professional baking, health and nutrition, social and community enterprise, local economy and mental health to therapeutic baking and beyond. 

The role 

Real Bread Campaign ambassador is an honorary, unpaid volunteering role. They are visible and vocal champions who:  

  • Help promote Real Bread and neighbourhood bakeries. 
  • Inspire people to make Real Bread at home. 
  • Promote the Campaign’s beliefs and activities. 
  • Encourage people to join the Campaign. 
  • Provide the Campaign coordinator with feedback, advice and informed opinion. 

As well the enhanced ability to help shape and direct the Campaign’s activities, ambassadors are encouraged to use, and supported in creating, other beneficial opportunities that the role makes possible.  

Anyone with questions before or after submitting an application is invited to email Campaign coordinator Chris Young: [email protected] 

For more information visit