STORY: Bridor introduces new Viennese pastries

The latest NPD from French bakery manufacturer, Bridor, provides consumers with an attractive Viennese pastry to indulge in at every moment of consumption. The new Maxi Fingers are made from 100% pure butter croissant dough and contain a rich delicious filling combined with toppings for an added crispy texture.

The 90g ultra-indulgent pastries come in three varieties – praline, chocolate, and apples and cinnamon. The Maxi Praline Fingers are stuffed with a tasty almond and hazelnut praline filling and sprinkled with a crunchy hazelnut topping, while the Maxi Chocolate Fingers contain luxurious custard cream and chocolate with a finishing of chocolate chips.

For consumers wanting something a little bit different, they can find the perfect balance of cinnamon spiciness and apple sweetness in the Maxi Apples and Cinnamon Finger, which is smothered in a gingerbread-type topping for a unique and original taste.

The pastries are generously topped and contain over 30% filling which oozes out to increase attractiveness and entice potential buyers looking for an ‘Instagrammable’ snack.

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