STORY: Start a Real Bread bakery from your own kitchen!

Taking place on Tuesday 6 July 2021, 2-4pm (UK time), this FREE Real Bread Campaign webinar is for new and would-be microbakery entrepreneurs. In it, four microbakery experts will share some of their knowledge to help inform and inspire you to take the leap.

Rather than bread making tips, this introduction to turning your Real Bread making passion into a business will focus on topics including: market research and advertising/promotion; business planning; health and safety, insurance and other legal stuff; and money matters.

Each speaker will give a 10 minute taster of their microbakery knowledge. Attendees will then have the chance to join a Q&A with the speakers, followed by a forum to share their own experiences.

Microbakery 101 is being run to coincide with the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for Knead to Know…more, the updated, revised and expanded 10th anniversary edition of the Real Bread Campaign’s groundbreaking microbakery handbook.

In association with Roots To Work, Sustain’s good food jobs site.

The speakers 

The panel comprises successful entrepreneurs drawn from the networks of the Real Bread Campaign, Bread AngelsOne Mile Bakery and The School of Artisan Food. Collectively these organisations have shared skills and knowledge with thousands of budding (and established) microbakery and SME bakery owners across the UK and beyond.

Sonya HundalGreenfield Bakers: The axe-wielding firestarter gives her perspective from running a wood-fired sourdough bakery in a converted stable in rural Lincolnshire.

Jane MasonVirtuous Bread: Five simple but essential steps to take before you set up your microbakery.

Matt TownleyOne Mile Bakery Hale: Subscription, local delivery and classes: A recipe for success.

Ian WaterlandKnead Good Bread: Ethos, individuality and style. Why do you want to run a microbakery, what sets your business and bread apart, and how do you communicate all of this? How to say no to requests and opportunities that don’t fit with your plan.

The event is hosted by Real Bread Campaign coordinator and Knead to Know author Chris Young @realbreadcampaign

How to book 

Advance booking is essential. The event is FREE but the Real Bread Campaign will encourage all attendees to pledge to the Knead to Know...more crowdfunding campaign being launched in July.

About the speakers

Sonya Hundal: Sonya is a self-taught baker and writer in rural Lincolnshire, making Real Bread using stoneground flour from a local windmill. She has been successfully burning things in her Le Panyol direct-fire bread oven at Greenfield Bakers since 2008. The weekly bake-to-order for customers has continued through the pandemic, with courses and events due to begin again in the summer. Sonya is also studying an MA in creative writing. @greenfield_bakers

Jane Mason: Jane Mason set up Virtuous Bread in 2010 to effect positive social change through bread. Training people to set up microbakeries, and enabling them to train others has been a central pillar of the business. The microbakery course provides a thorough introduction to the three aspects of running one:  how to make bread, how to sell bread, and how to set up and run a small business. Award-winning students have gone on to set up microbakeries, high street bakeries, franchised businesses and baking schools. @virtuousbread @breadangels

Matt Townley: Matt runs One Mile Bakery Hale, a microbakery in Greater Manchester. He delivers a range Real Breads, which he changes weekly for his customers. Prior to becoming a baker, Matt was a primary school teacher and uses these skills to teach a range of classes from his home kitchen. He runs each class as “a really fun, inspirational day away from the stresses of busy lives”. The range unites his other interests, including homebrewing for his popular bread and beer class. @onemilebakeryhale

Ian Waterland: After a 28-year career in health and social care, primarily supporting people with mental ill health, Ian took the plunge in 2013 to re-train as a Real Bread baker. A few short months after completing the Advanced Diploma in Artisan Baking at The School of Artisan Food, Knead Good Bread Artisan Bakery was born. Ian’s microbakery is now firmly established producing Real Bread for people in his local community in Leicestershire. Initially selling from The Bread Bus, the bakery has evolved into a subscription and delivery model. Ian teaches The School of Artisan Food and a variety of other places, and continues to apply his knowledge and experience of mental wellbeing, running mindful bread and therapeutic baking courses. @the_conscious_baker

Sonya, Jane and Ian are also all current official Real Bread Campaign ambassadors.

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