STORY: Sourdough September is nearly here!

Launched by the Real Bread Campaign in 2013, Sourdough September is the annual international celebration of genuine sourdough and the people who make it.

A lockdown love for life because life’s sweeter with sourdough!

A particular focus for 2021 is encouraging people who’ve been buying from local Real Bread bakeries (or got the bready baking bug*) during the pandemic to keep doughing.

*Well, cultures of lactic acid bacteria and yeast cells…

What is #SourdoughSeptember?

Run by the food and farming charity Sustain, this Real Bread Campaign initiative encourages and supports people to:

·         Buy genuine sourdough from neighbourhood bakeries.

·         Make their own sourdough bread.

·         Join the Campaign to support the charity’s work.

Grab a slice of the action

The Campaign encourages all business owners, community group leaders and everyone else who makes (or teaches people to make) genuine sourdough bread to get involved. As well as bakeries baking special loaves for the month, common activities include running baking classes, and giving away sourdough starters and care guides.

Activity organisers are encouraged to add the details to the Real Bread calendar, though most simply share what they’re up to on social media. Everyone is welcome to post their #sourdough baking photos and #sourdoughselfies of themselves with sourdough bread they’ve made or bought. Last year saw more than more than 5700 #SourdoughSeptember posts from nearly 60 countries on Instagram alone.

Find genuine sourdough

People can use the Real Bread Map to find places to buy genuine sourdough and other additive-free bread. While out and about, shoppers are encouraged to look for The Sourdough Loaf Mark.

Bread threads

In late August, Balcony Shirts will once again be selling an exclusive, limited-edition design t-shirt, apron and mug, making a doughnation towards the charity’s work for each one sold.

Other Real Bread gifts that support the Campaign include Wire Monkey’s UFO lame for dough scoring, Sourdough Slingers t-shirt and apron from Wayne Caddy, and the Slow Dough: Real Bread recipe book.

The Campaign also continues to lobby for a legal definition of sourdough as part of its proposed Honest Crust Act.

People can find out all about Sourdough September, sourdough and Real Bread in general at