STORY: Brioche Pasquier's expansion plans

Brioche Pasquier, the UK’s favourite viennoiserie producer, has announced that it has commenced the construction of an 80,000 square foot extension to its factory in Milton Keynes.

The current factory is home to two lines of Brioche Rolls (Plain & Choc Chip) with a new PITCH snack brioche line due to be operational early 2022. The extension will allow the addition of two more lines over the next few years, to enable the local production of even more products for the UK consumer.

Brioche Pasquier first came to the UK in 2001 and as the popularity of the product grew, the company was able to build its first factory 14 years later.

“We have always wanted to provide our consumers with a fresh, quality product, which is why we originally decided to establish a bakery in the UK. Now we can extend the range of products which have been freshly baked in this country and transport them straight to market without delay.” says Ryan Peters, Industrial Director UK.

“We are extremely excited to have started the work on phase two of our factory building programme which will provide jobs for around 130 people from the local community. The new lines, when built, will allow us to bake over 2.5million of our various products every day,”

Brioche has become a staple of the bakery section in supermarkets and convenience stores across the country, and demand was high throughout the pandemic. Brioche Pasquier’s individually packaged products with their long life and clean label credentials struck a chord with the public who found the taste and convenience they were looking for in their brioche products

It all began in 1936 in a small village, Les Cerqueux, in the West of France. Gabriel Pasquier owned the village bakery and produced his brioche and pâtisserie for the local community. In 1974 his five sons created the company “Brioche Pasquier” with the aim of taking their father’s traditional products to a larger audience throughout France.

Now, with factories across the world, the bakeries still use the same baking methods and simple ingredients, including the levain (mother dough) which was started by Gabriel in 1936 and is refreshed in all the sites every day.

Brioche Pasquier UK currently has around 130 employees from 20 nationalities and continues to retain the traditions and culture of the family who founded and still own and run the business. 

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