STORY: Promoted: Raisins to be cheerful this Christmas

California Raisins talk about why this is such an important time of the year for them.

As Christmas approaches, it’s time for a seasonal reminder from California Raisins that the UK consumption figures for our favourite Christmas foods containing raisins are impressive to say the least.

We munch through nigh-on 800million mince pies over the Christmas period every year, along with some 25million Christmas puddings.  Now, with the media reports of UK retailers under pressure to get Christmas products on sale early after the gloom of Covid and various lockdowns, this year it’s anticipated that these products could enjoy record sales.  At Christmas food manufacturers, bakers, and retailers tend to choose California raisins over and above other countries of origin – not just for their consistent quality, taste and reassurance of historically safe, clean product, but also because California Raisins offer support with product development, product launches and instore promotions.

Peter Meadows, UK Representative of the Raisin Administrative Committee (RAC), adds “We work with leading companies and smaller specialist businesses in creating new products featuring California raisins.  Unfortunately, due to the pandemic we have not partnered with any companies this year, but we remain keen to work with NPD teams and assisting in promoting new products that are out there on shelf and help relaunch existing ones to recapture consumer interest”.



“It looks as though UK consumers have been making up for the uncertainty, rising inflation and potential delivery issues and are starting early buying Christmas fare”.  According to recent news headlines most supermarket outlets claim their product development teams have been working hard on this year’s Christmas ranges over the last 12 months, recognising that this Christmas 2021 could be bigger than ever for UK consumers. “There are over 250 products containing raisins at Christmas” said Meadows “each year we see many interesting and innovative festive products containing California raisins, however our mainstays tend to be Christmas puddings and mince pies which drive most of the volume” he added.  California Raisins are very much on trend with current consumer demands for ‘clean label’ products containing wholesome ingredients free from artificial colourings, flavour enhancers, stabilisers, and preservatives.  California Raisins can also extend a product’s shelf life with naturally occurring propionic acids.  They also perform well in bakery as a natural drying agent, by helping reduce loss of natural moisture which also assists in extending product freshness.



The Raisin Administrative Committee (RAC), promotes the California Raisins brand worldwide, is a federal marketing order, led by 47 growers and packers.  Created in 1949 the RAC is directly overseen by the US Department of Agriculture.  The UK is the world’s largest importer of dried vine fruit, and the Raisin Administrative Committee is actively involved here with the UK’s leading industry body, the Nut and Dried Fruit Trade Association, which helps promotes dried fruit consumption.


For further information please contact The California Raisin Administrative Committee at [email protected] on at 0208 741 8513.