STORY: The National Bakery Awards 2022!

Exciting National Bakery Awards news!

Thank you so much for all your entries for the National Bakery Awards 2021 – the whole thing has massively scaled up and we had so many more entries this year (and we weren’t exactly short last year!) …which is totally amazing, so thank you all so much.

With the current event restrictions in place and Christmas looming large, we've spoken to representatives from across the industry, and they've said that in order to enjoy themselves to the fullest, they'd like us to hold the 2021 National Bakery Awards event once you've all recovered from the seasonal madness, in March 2022.

The good news is, this gives you more time to plan your outfit and practice your acceptance speech... JUST in case.

So, the National Bakery Awards 2021 becomes the National Bakery Awards 2022!

So if you feel like you've missed out... you haven't!


>> Use this link to ENTER TODAY. <<


What does that mean for your existing entries?

It means it gets carried forward and you're already good to go, so there's no need to re-enter.

However, if something brilliant has happened in the meantime and you'd like to add it to your entry, then once the 2022 entries open you can edit and update the information you've already submitted.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our events team on 01474 520200 or email [email protected].