STORY: Bakery boosts roll production to 200-per-minute

European Process Plant (EPP) has helped an independent bakery in Buckinghamshire boost its bread roll production to 200-per-minute.

Panificio Italiano, a £20m bakery owned by Sicilian businessman and artisan baker Piero Scacco, provides bespoke products, with strengths in sub-rolls and rolls. 

“Maintaining high quality and ensuring consistency of our products is at the heart of our bakery business," says Scacco. "The expansion of production at scale while keeping to our principles is now possible, thanks to working with EPP.”

Panificio Italiano attributes its success to automated processes at the bakery. The Koenig Industrie Rex II, supplied by EPP, provides efficient automatic dough dividing and rounding.

The purpose-built Buckinghamshire bakery is equipped with the latest technologies, and harnesses the Koenig technology for precise, gentle dough dividing and rounding at speed and scale.

The bakery can produce hundreds of thousands of products per day – from traditional recipes to new speciality breads – with its products used by a host of large retailers, as well as food services and major airlines.

Consistency and quality

“I have been working with Koenig for more than 40 years, and I think it is the most progressive company for bread rolls," continues Scacco. "The automation allows us to create consistent, high-quality products at a scale not otherwise possible.

"The Industrie Rex is reliable, accurate and delivers efficient repeat performance. It is also equally important that we enjoy a good working relationship with our supplier, EPP, to help maintain and stay ahead with our investments.”

“The Industrie Rex II is ideal for long runs where we look to maximise efficiency throughout the process,” adds Adam Thompson, managing director, Panificio Italiano. “We can produce several lines within a day, running from 5am to 6pm."

“We’re delighted that Panificio is pleased with its Koenig Industrie Rex II, it is a fantastic machine delivering excellent return on investment for bakeries looking to automation to produce at scale,” says Steve Merritt, EPP managing director. “Panificio is a great example of a bakery thriving by using automation effectively to produce outstanding products for customers in the UK and Ireland.

"We have an excellent longstanding working relationship with them which we enjoy, and look forward to continuing this into the future.”

EPP is the exclusive distributor for Koenig in the UK and Ireland.


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