STORY: A Bakery Trolley Like No Other

Bakery trolleys are essential pieces of equipment that help you complete your baking jobs swiftly.  But, they take a lot of bashing.  Available from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM), new Camshelving GN Food Pan Trolleys from Cambro are here to help, with a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion, they are guaranteed to provide years of unparalleled performance and value.

Rather than using a sheet pan rack to hold your baked items while they cool from the oven, the Camshelving GN Food Pan Trolley gives you a more stable, portable and easy to clean trolley solution transforming the way your transport your baking pans.

Unlike the wide array of metal trolleys on the market, these trolleys will never have broken weld points, dented frames or sharp metal edges, hard to clean corners, become damage beyond repair, or rust and corrode.  Every single part is replaceable for a lifetime of service with easy to clean smooth surfaces and high performing features. These trolleys are designed to stand up to extremely heavy commercial use.

They are easy to either wipe clean or pressure wash, and are impervious to food acids or harsh chemicals.  There are no sharp corners to collect hard to clean food residue and grease.  They can be loaded from either the end or the sides, and the moulded-in pan stops at each rail end provide stability during transport.  Suitable for use in the kitchen, corridor, freezer or cooler, these trolleys can hold hot pans straight from the oven up to 200 ̊C.

Made from strong composite plastic materials with heat-tolerant rails, the Camshelving GN Food Pan Trolleys are designed with premium plastic casters and structurally solid top and bottom frames.  The result is a quiet, smooth rack that easily manoeuvres anywhere.  The GN 1/1 full and half-size models will also support one 1/1 full-size food pan in the top frame to protect the contents below.  The half-size model can also be used as a light duty on-the-go prep station.

There are four trolleys available in the range that are either full-size at 1707mm tall or half-size at 1016mm, and hold either 1/1 or 2/1 GN pans depending on the model.  Optional vinyl covers are also available to provide extra protection when storing or transporting products.  They are also easy to assemble in just four simple steps using a rubber mallet.

Simplify the transport of your baking pans with the Camshelving GN Food Pan Trolleys.

Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) is the master distributor of Cambro products in the UK and Ireland.  For more information and details of local stockists call us on 01355 244111 or email [email protected]