STORY: Thorntons range expands with Orange Brownie Bites

Finsbury Food Group is strengthening its longstanding partnership with chocolatier Thorntons with the launch of the brand-new Orange Brownie Bites.

Honing on new trending flavours, the Orange Brownie Bites give a unique twist to the existing Thorntons Brownie and is crafted with an orange-flavoured chocolate brownie, dipped in milk chocolate.

As the manufacturer of Thorntons’ bites for 20 years, Finsbury brings the Orange Brownie Bites into a range that already includes Chocolate Orange Caramel Shortcake, Toffee Apple Caramel Shortcake, Hot Cross Bun Caramel Shortcake, Peppermint Crème Brownie, and Strawberry Dream Brownie.

With a focus on seasonality, modern tastes and differing flavours, Finsbury is also introducing the seasonal Toffee Apple Bites and Chocolate Orange Bites additions.

“For two decades, Finsbury Food Group has manufactured Thorntons cake bites and seen first-hand just how popular the range has become," says Donna O’Neill, brand manager at Finsbury Food Group.

"This success, however, has been built on our dedication to bring to market new flavours that fit with new market trends and consumer demands.

“This is exactly why we believe that the Orange Brownies Bites will be the perfect addition to the range, and further help Thorntons Bites maintain its dominant market position among impulse purchases.

“By widening the range’s appeal with a high quality and luxurious tasting product, more consumers than ever before can enjoy these flavourful bites.”

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