STORY: GAIL's launches work-life balance recruitment campaign

GAIL’s Bakery has launched a new recruitment campaign called Early Bird Never Works Late, which aims to highlight the working lifestyle, wellbeing and customer relationships employees can enjoy while working for its business.

With bakeries closing by 7pm, employees can enjoy work-friendly hospitality hours without the late shifts, spending time with their family or partaking in their hobbies in the evenings.

GAIL’s doesn't implement have double shifts like hospitality venues, which have late night operations.

Wellbeing and a work-life balance is important to GAIL’s and is also one of the most important factor for job seekers.

Employees can build their customer relationships through serving craft coffee and artisan bread during the day to their regular customers.

"We shouldn’t rest until every community can choose craft," says Tom Molnar, CEO of Bread Holdings. "The ethos of a craft baker – to do everything to a high standard, pay attention to details, respect the ingredients and share widely – is an ethos we think is worth living by.” 

Seeking an end to late evening work

The GAIL’s talent team, led by group head of Talent Oli Cavaliero, has reported that 35% of GAIL’s management applications come from people working late evenings, who want their evenings back to improve their wellbeing and personal life. 

As GAIL’s opens doors in a different neighbourhoods, the growth plans bring opportunities for employees to rise and grow with GAIL’s.

In the last six months over 200 of GAIL’s employees, also known as 'Breadheads', have been promoted. GAIL’s celebrate these promotions and company growth at regular company-wide award evenings and parties.

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