STORY: Lantmännen Unibake appoints new UK managing director

Bakery business Lantmännen Unibake UK has announced the appointment of its new managing director, Wendy Smith.

Wendy succeeded Tim Robinson on 10 October, as he handed over the reins after 10 years within the UK business, following his promotion to chief strategy officer for Lantmännen Unibake (Group), while continuing his current role as a business area chief operations officer.

Wendy joins the UK business with more than 15 years of leadership experience, having worked her whole career within the UK food market sector.

Wendy is an avid foodie, with an inquisitiveness that extends from new products and trends to the technological and cultural impacts on the UK food market. The combination of her interest in food and experience in the industry makes Wendy well placed to take up the fresh challenge of leading Lantmännen Unibake UK.

“As the custodian of a business, I believe that my role is to support and empower the people I work with to do their jobs brilliantly every day. This enables us as a business to deliver success through providing excellent quality products and experiences for our customers and the end consumers,” she says of her new role.

Lantmännen Unibake has flourished as a successful business under Tim’s leadership. Over the last eight years, he has built a strong business with a talented team, and he leaves a tremendous legacy as he progresses into his new role.

“My focus will be to continue to steer the business through the challenging economic climate and deliver on the current business strategy, whilst looking at new opportunities for the future.”

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