STORY: Harry Gow introduces new pastries to Scottish sites

North-of-Scotland bakery Harry Gow has introduced a range of new pâtisserie to its shops across the Highlands and Moray.

Harry Gow has added the new French pastries to its offering – inspired by the Gow family’s travels on the continent.

Among the new goodies on offer are pains au chocolat and the long-awaited arrival of Harry Gow’s award-winning croissants, awarded a National Silver medal at this year’s Scottish Baker of the Year Awards.

“We’re incredibly proud of our new pastries," says Fraser Gow, director at Harry Gow. 

"We’ve been working hard in our test kitchen to perfect each and every recipe, and now we can’t wait to see our customers tuck into the fruits of our labours!

“Baking heritage and tradition is massively important to us at Harry Gow – we’re sixth generation bakers, after all. Many of us have studied traditional baking techniques across Europe to ensure we’re always learning, improving and innovating, and French and Danish pastries have always been something we wanted to make more of.”

The bakery will be offering its new pastries on alternating days. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Harry Gow fans will be able to get their hands on croissants – with pains au chocolat available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

“By alternating the days our pastries are available, we’re excited to be able to offer our customers more choice when they visit Harry Gow," Fraser adds. 

"This means we can have a much larger range of pastries every week, meaning that every customer can pick up their favourites and experience the amazing flavours they have come to expect from our bakes.

“Each pastry starts with a sourdough starter – meaning our dough ferments and bubbles away for three days before it gets anywhere near our oven. That’s how we can ensure that each and every bite is as delicious as the next.

“And we’re not stopping here… we have plans for a whole host of new pastries over the coming months. So watch this space!”

Harry Gow’s new pastry range follows a period of creativity for the bakery, which has also recently launched a new fudge doughnut, slathered with gooey fudge icing and filled with sweet vanilla cream, and a chocolate eclair stuffed with rich, fresh cream.

Harry Gow operates 18 shops spread across Inverness, the Highlands and Moray – including one recently opened in conjunction with Asda. 

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