STORY: AB MAURI launch healthy ‘Pure ProGrains’ bread range in the UK and Ireland

Supporting the baking industry by innovating in health and nutrition.

AB Mauri is pleased to introduce the new healthy bread mix range, Pure ProGrains. The four new mixes are innovative concepts that have been specially designed to make it simple for craft and medium size bakeries to produce breads, that not only taste fantastic, but also deliver several significant health and nutritional benefits.

The growing consumer trend for healthier food products and increased awareness of gut health is leading to more and more people reconsidering their diets. It’s essential to eat a balanced diet with a variety of fibre rich foods, such as higher-fibre breads and breakfast cereals, wholegrains, fruits, vegetables and pulses to maintain our overall health and wellbeing. Each new Pure ProGrain mix has been developed to a specific recipe which allows on pack claims for fibre, protein and digestive health, creating added value opportunities for bakers.

It is often challenging to develop healthier products that are also genuinely delicious, but the development team at AB Mauri have decades of experience in process improvement and ingredient innovation alongside access to global technology.  It’s thanks to their heritage and proven skillsets that they can offer authentic, nutritious breads such as Pure ProGrains. These are reliable products that customers will be proud to serve – and that their consumers will really enjoy and want to return to.

Vicky McColl, Nutrition & Insights Manager, AB MAURI UK & Ireland, comments: “We believe we have a significant role to play within the UK baking industry to support our customers with bringing new technologies to market which can be used to formulate healthy and nutritious foods for consumers. As part of our commitment to FDF’s Action on Fibre initiative, we are working with technology and research partners to find solutions which help overcome the challenges often seen with developing higher fibre foods”.

The ingredients within the Pure ProGrain mixes have been carefully selected so that bakers simply add flour, yeast and water – and then mix, process and bake. They are flexible and versatile, allowing bakers to create several different types of bread and rolls from the same mix. 

Andrew Dinsdale, Sales and Marketing Director, AB MAURI UK & Ireland, commented: “Meeting product characteristics such as great taste, texture and appearance whilst also fulfilling ‘hot’ consumer trends are key drivers for consumers buying behaviour. The development team have worked immensely hard to innovate and create a modern range of healthy bread mixes that offer bakers with an attractive value proposition.” 

Thomas Mackay, Business Unit Controller – Craft & Confectionary, AB MAURI UK & Ireland, commented: “Many of our customers may not have the time nor the resources to innovate against current trends, with our access to global insights and our development expertise we have selected specific ingredients and technologies which create fantastic tasting, healthy, products that perform and deliver every time.”