STORY: Reduce waste with Zeelandia’s Sweet Dough Concentrate

With Spring not too far away, bakers across the UK will be perfecting their recipes for delicious morning goods. The humble Hot Cross Bun is a staple product that is synonymous with the Springtime, and most notably, Easter.

In 2021, Too Good To Go, the world’s largest surplus food app, commissioned a piece of research looking the UK consumption of the delicious Hot Cross Bun. The survey found that the average Brit will buy 4.5 Hot Cross Buns over the Easter weekend alone, however, as a result, it’s estimated that one in five households will have left over Hot Cross Buns, resulting in an estimated 10.5 million going to waste. So, how can we take steps to reduce the level of waste. 

Zeelandia’s Sweet Dough Concentrate allows bakers to bake the perfect Hot Cross Buns, while reducing the amount of waste. The premium blend has a high yield and excellent process tolerance, which in turn helps keep Hot Cross Buns fresher while improving shelf life, therefore, reducing waste. 

While we all love the traditional Hot Cross Bun, in recent years there has seen a rise in popularity of alternative flavours. A new favourite that we’ve seen at Zeelandia has been the double chocolate Hot Cross Buns, turning the traditional item into a delicious, sweet dessert. A simple addition of cocoa powder and replacing mixed fruit for chocolate chips adds a new element to the bake, while still reminding you over the traditional Hot Cross Bun we all know and love. 

Zeelandia’s Sweet Dough Concentrate mixes start in volumes of 16kg can be purchased both directly and through key wholesalers such as Walker Humphrey’s and Bako.

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