STORY: Gen Z choose American bakes

“Generation Z - those born between 1997 and 2012 - are growing up and now represent a sizeable force that is shaking up the food industry,” explains Jacqui Passmore, marketing manager UK and Ireland at Dawn Foods. 

“Not only do these younger consumers now have their own spending power, but they also have strong and distinctive demands that need to be understood by the bakery industry, particularly when thinking about new product innovation.  

“The beauty of this generation is that they are also open to change and new ideas, providing bakers with real opportunities for sales, particularly for sales of Americana-inspired sweet bakes”.

According to Dawn Foods’ Global Bakery Survey Europe 2022, 81% of UK consumers have tried an American sweet bakery product and enjoyed it, with those in the Gen Z and Millennials demographic groups more likely to choose American bakes. 

“Today’s consumers - especially younger generations - love American-style products but are looking for new takes on sweet bakery favourites. Dawn’s survey highlighted that four in five Gen Z consumers stated that they like to try new food experiences. 

“The challenge for bakers is to keep up with such a fast-moving dynamic. A flavour or concept can be on trend one minute and old hat the next. Limited edition products such as American bakes are a great way for bakers to test out new and exciting flavours and textures to attract younger consumers”.

Dawn has recently introduced a new range of authentic American Bakery products that will appeal to younger consumers’ thirst for innovative new flavours and Instagram-worthy bakes. Easy for the operator to use to create a range of recipes, especially developed by Dawn, the American Bakery product range includes a Blondie Mix, New York-Style Cheesecake Mix and a Peanut Butter.