STORY: Mindfulness matters in bakery choices

According to Jacqui Passmore, Dawn Foods’ marketing manager for UK and Ireland there has been a big increase in ‘conscious consumerism’ particularly among young people, which is helping to fuel demand for sustainably sourced ingredients and vegan baked goods.

“‘Generation Z’ is increasingly concerned with knowing that an ingredient or product is from a sustainable or ethical source and will make buying decisions accordingly”, Jacqui explains. 

“Veganism forms an important part of these lifestyle choices, and we are now seeing vegan bakes as a natural part of every bakery offering. Vegan cakes are fast becoming mainstream as the high quality of many vegan finished sweet bakery products, as well as ingredients, means that vegan is no longer an ‘add on’ to a bakery range but an integral part of it”.

Dawn claims that good quality cakes should appeal to all, whether those who are ‘dabbling’ in veganism or those who are fully committed, without having to buy in specialist ingredients, or invest in additional staff training.

“For operators who wish to make sweet vegan bakes and desserts themselves, using ready to use mixes means all the hard work in ensuring a completely vegan finished product has been done for you. It’s almost like having a blank canvas to create your own ideas, “Jacqui concludes.

Dawn offers a range of easy-to-use vegan certified mixes for Crème Cake, Cookies, Brownies, Muffins and Donuts all of which only require the addition of water and oil or margarine. Along with other vegan suitable ingredients such as icings, toppings and fillings, Dawn’s fruit-based fillings are also naturally vegan. 

Dawn’s products are vegan-certified and contain sustainably sourced ingredients such as Rain Forest Alliance certified cocoa and RSPO Palm Oil.