AB MAURI launches new range of Aromaferm™ Sourdough Pastes

AB Mauri announce the introduction of three new Aromaferm™ sourdough pastes to the UK market.

The three new pastes join an already extensive portfolio of sourdough ingredients. All produced to help bakers deliver new and flavourful products to consumers. Existing products include starter cultures, inactive powders, inactive pastes, alongside active and inactive liquids.

Hannah Parry, Bread Development Manager, AB MAURI UK & Ireland, highlights: “This launch contains three new sourdough pastes, comprising of malts, seeds and grains to enhance flavour, texture and aroma.”

Hannah continued; ““After working for two years on our Aromaferm™ Sourdough portfolio, we believe we now have a complete range of products to support our customers in developing and launching breads; and other products with sourdough at their heart.” 

The three new Aromaferm™ sourdough pastes are:-

  • Aromaferm™ Holflake Paste 25: A paste with fermented malted barley flour at its base and soaked malted UK wheat grains from our own wheat maltings in Gainsborough. This paste creates products with a deep malty crust and crumb colour, as well as great flavour.
  • Aromaferm™ Sprouted MG Paste 30: A perfect split between malty flavours and aromas, with the textural benefits of sprouted grains.
  • Aromaferm™ Sponge & Dough 15: Using sourdough fermentation methods to replicate the flavour profile of traditional yeast fermentation; this delivers great UK craft sponge and dough flavours and aromas within the finished bread.

These pastes are so versatile they can aid any baker produce added value bread regardless of bread process and mixing type.

Over and above the aroma and flavour attributes we all know and love, there are many benefits to using sourdough pastes within breads, rolls and other products, These include the ability to add soaked seeds and grains into the product (as opposed to dried), to reduce moisture migration; together with maintaining softness, freshness and quality over the products shelf life. Another benefit is the ability to add hydrated flour into the mixer from the very beginning, aiding dough development and therefore the potential to reduce energy/mix time.Unique application potentials for these pastes include, applying them to the crust of products like breads, crackers or crispbreads to enhance the external flavour and texture.

Jim Hawkridge, Technical Director, AB MAURI UK & Ireland, concluded:

“Hannah, Jake and the team have worked intensely over two years to maximise the application potential of the whole Aromaferm™ portfolio. In doing so, we have built a range of product sheets and recipes to support our customers when developing products with sourdough.”

Using these pastes, alone or in combination with one another, can allow the baker to produce endless combinations, which result in individual and personalised final products. This will undoubtedly excite existing and new customers alike. AB Mauri can provide support and advice on how to expand product ranges using these recipes, as well as supplying product sheets to use as the starting point of individual innovation and development.