STORY: Ginger Bakers creates new crumble cake

The Ginger Bakers team has created some new seasonal treats in its development kitchen, including a new Apricot, Pistachio & Lemon Thyme Crumble Cake.

The crumble cake is made with an apricot and pistachio sponge, infused with lemon thyme syrup, then topped with a sweet apricot jam and finished off with a decadent crumble top.

The lemon thyme’s sweet citrus aroma is complemented by the minty, floral notes from regular thyme, and the tart-sweetness of the apricots with the rich pistachios and the delicate lemon thyme creates a winning combination, according to Ginger Bakers.

The Apricot, Pistachio & Lemon Thyme Crumble Cake is sold as an 18 portion tray bake, which is ideal for sharing, and is available direct for home delivery priced at £30.00 + p&p, or can be purchased from selected Ginger Bakers retailers across the UK.

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