STORY: Kingsmill's new loaves signal entry into premium bread

This autumn Kingsmill is launching two new Bloomers to meet consumer demand for more premium, craft-style loaves.

The two new loaves are a ‘Great White Bloomer with Sourdough’ and the 'Malted Bloomer’; both are available in selected Tesco and Asda stores (MSRP £1.50).

The ‘Great White Bloomer with Sourdough’ is a twist on a traditional white bake, with a recipe which includes a hint of sourdough for a little extra flavour and boasts a source of fibre unlike most white loaves on the market.

The ‘Malted Bloomer’ takes on a more malty flavour, also providing a source of fibre. The healthy aspect of the loaves comes as part of Kingsmill’s wider FDF commitment, which ensures that most of Kingsmill’s bread, rolls and savoury morning goods launches will provide a source of fibre.

Kingsmill has sliced the bloomers 'extra thick', but a few mm slimmer than other bloomers on the market so as to be manageable for younger members of the family.

The new loaves showcase a premium Gold crown logo for the brand, to drive quality credentials and set the loaves apart from the core range.

“Kingsmill loaves are a firm favourite amongst families, and we wanted to expand our offering to include something a little bit special," says Emma Eggleton, head of marketing at Allied Bakeries.

"Our new bloomer loaves are full of delicious flavour, from sourdough to malt, and the perfectly developed slice thickness will allow both parents and little ones to enjoy. This expansion of our portfolio is an exciting development for Kingsmill; offering consumers more choice and still delivering on our commitment to help the nation get more fibre in their diets.”


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