Dawn Foods has taken the headache out of making New York style cheesecakes from scratch with the launch of an easy-to-use mix, ideal for bakers and caterers to create baked cheesecakes as well as other desserts.

Dawn’s new NY-Style Cheesecake Mix is the second product to be launched as part of the company’s focus on authentic American Bakery Favourites, following hot on the heels of a new Blondie Mix launched last month.

A richer more indulgent cousin of the European baked cheesecake, the New York-style cheesecake incorporates a cream cheese base to give an ultra-rich and creamy cheesecake. Although it seems a simple recipe, New York style cheesecake can, in fact, be challenging to make using a scratch recipe as it requires a gentle baking process to avoid over or under cooking and it can be difficult to avoid cracking on the cheesecake surface. In contrast, Dawn’s new NY-Style Cheesecake Mix is easy to use and delivers a creamy, smooth textured, flavourful cheesecake every time.

Bakers simply add cream cheese and water to the mix and beat until smooth. The prepared mix can then be added to a base made with Dawn Crumble Mix and the cheesecake baked for 50-60 minutes before cooling for portioning. The finished cheesecake is perfect with fruit coulis or fresh berries.

The new mix is extremely consistent and versatile, meaning bakers can easily create signature New York style cheesecakes by experimenting with different shapes, toppings and inclusions.

Made with natural flavours, naturally gluten free, Dawn’s NY-Style Cheesecake Mix comes in convenient 2.5kg packs.


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